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Every Tool You Could Think Of


Offering online scheduling is both convenient for your clients and a smart way to increase sales. When clients can book appointments online in real time, they are more likely to discover and order additional services from your business. For example, a client who typically orders "the usual" can browse your online shopping cart while scheduling their appointment and may be tempted to try out other services. This often leads to an increase in your average order value and could boost your sales by an average of 37%.*

Customizable Shopping Cart
& Order Form

HDPhotoHub's flexible shopping cart and online order form are the best way to sell your real estate media services online. You get a customizable white-label shopping cart branded to your business that lets you offer your professional media services in a way that suits the needs of your clients and your team.

Custom Shopping Carts from HDPhotoHub
Payment Processor Integrations

Payment Processing Integration

Payment processing integration with Stripe and Square makes collecting payments a breeze.

Deposits, sales tax collection, tip support, promo codes, and special client pricing from HDPhotoHub

Custom Pricing Features

Deposits, sales tax collection, tip support, promo codes, and special client pricing will simplify your sales and payment pipeline.

Define specific service areas with HDPhotoHub

Service Areas

Define specific services and service areas for your team so you can expand regionally or nationally while keeping each team member in their local area.

Automate Your Workflow

Set up workflow tasks and automate your post-sale delivery and communication process.

Workflow tasks from HDPhotoHub
Sales & payment reports from HDPhotoHub

Sales & Payment Reports

Sales reports provide complete visibility into your business's performance, while payment reports keep you up-to-date on who owes you money and what you owe your team.

Smart Scheduling & Appointment Management

When you use Smart Scheduling, your clients see a real-time, up-to-date calendar and choose an appointment that works best for them.

When you use smart scheduling, your clients see a real-time, up-to-date calendar and choose an appointment that works best for them.
Drive times and shoot durations

Drive Times & Shoot Duration

The system weighs drive times, shoot durations, traffic patterns, and more to create the best schedule for your team. This allows your team members to do as many shoots and as little driving as possible.

Mileage Tracking

Smart Scheduling even provides mileage tracking for accessible tax reports or additional compensation.

Mileage tracking with HDPhotoHub Smart Scheduling

We've heard it before, "This will never work in my area!"

Don't worry. HDPhotoHub was built to be flexible enough that anyone can make real-time Smart Scheduling work for their business! You get complete control with the ability to set default schedules, daily appointment limits, service areas, and so much more.




Do you integrate with Google Calendar?

Yes. We have a two-way integration so any scheduling updates made directly in our system or directly in Google
Calendar will update both systems!


I have a brokerage that I do special billing for. Can the agents of the brokerage place order and have their billing deferred to be paid by their office?

Yes! You can redirect the billing for orders and even add a rule set that gives you control over how much of an order is billed to the brokerage and what products are eligible. Have a specific scenario in mind? Book a time with an HDPH expert and we'll talk it through together.


I have two different types of clients I work with that require entirely different products. Can I have multiple shopping carts that offer different product sets?

Yes you can! With the ability to add multiple carts and ask qualifying questions on your cart, we have a configuration option that allows you to offer the right products to the right clients.



Raise your average order value.

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