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The State of the Industry

Monday, August 28th

Webinar Starts @1PM PST

We invite you to join our live discussion on the current state of the Real Estate Photography industry. The event will take place on Monday, August 28th, at 1 pm pst and will be hosted by Ian Kautzman. Our guest speaker will be Herb Dierks, the CEO of HDPhotoHub. During this hour-long webinar, Ian and Herb will explore the latest trends in the industry and their potential impact on both HDPhotoHub and the business owners who trust us to help run their businesses.


Gain valuable insights directly from the HDPhotoHub team and take advantage of this outstanding opportunity. We highly encourage your participation and look forward to seeing you there!

*Limited registration only. Register before we're filled.

Meet Your Webinar Host

I love helping real estate photography businesses thrive

Meet Your HDPhotoHub Webinar Host

Ian Kautzman
COO HDPhotoHub

“Is online ordering and scheduling valuable? You better believe it is! Clients can book themselves, pay in advance, reschedule automatically, purchase products they’ve never ordered before, and pay calculated travel fees where applicable. Yeah, HDPhotoHub is a huge step forward to becoming a more automated real estate photography business.” 

- Ian Kautzman

*Limited registration only. Register before we're filled.

We Want to Help You Grow

Our approach is straightforward. Unlike subscription-based sales platforms, we use a credit-based system where we only benefit when you successfully sell photo shoots. This motivates us to support all of our business partners to the best of our abilities. The more photo shoots you sell, the more credits you accumulate in our system, creating a mutually beneficial situation.

Sell What You Want

With HDPhotoHub, you can easily create an online shopping cart for your photography business. You have the freedom to market and sell any of your professional media services, including photos, videos, aerial drone work, and 3D and virtual walkthrough services. You get to choose the product and pricing, while we provide the technology to capture the order. Additionally, you can upgrade your photo shoots to full Marketing Kits that come with customizable property sites, flyers, social tiles, and marketing videos, but the choice is ultimately yours.

Online Ordering & Scheduling

With HDPhotoHub, you can sync your google calendar and offer your clients the convenience of real-time scheduling when they place their orders. Whether you're a solo photographer or part of a large team, our smart scheduling system takes into account various factors such as the location of the new shoot, proximity of existing appointments, travel time (including traffic patterns), and estimated time on site for the products ordered. This way, the system can suggest appointments that optimize your team's schedule. If you prefer to manage your schedule the traditional way, we offer options to accommodate your needs.

Get Your Money

With HDPhotoHub's Stripe, Square, and Quickbook Payments integration options, receiving payment is hassle-free. You can either collect credit card payment at the time of your client's order or require payment before allowing them to download the images, videos, and walkthrough links. You can even opt to collect a deposit when placing an order. HDPhotoHub does not intervene or charge any fees, allowing your clients to pay you directly.

You Are Your Brand

When your clients use the HDPhotoHub system, everything they see is customized with your company's branding. This is because they are your clients, and we want them to see your brand, not ours. During the webinar, we will demonstrate how easy and user-friendly the system is, which will make your clients love their experience even more.

ecstatic woman who attended an HDPhotoHub webinar
HDPhotoHub logo

Register for our next live webinar

From creating your online order form to delivering a finished photo shoot, building an automatic marketing kit, configuring a pay-to-download page, and assigning your photographers to specific areas...there is a lot you can do with your HDPhotoHub account! 


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